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diy tire pull sled harness

DIY Tire Sled Pull Under $30

DIY Tire Sled Pull with Straps and Belt Under $30 Okay so it was my birthday in February¬†and I invited my friend Michelle (www.michellesheetz.com) to come eat breakfast with me…

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workout or eat cereal?

Working Out vs. Eating Cereal

So, I’m writing this at 9:05pm on a Tuesday, sitting out the couch in fuzzy pants with my dog who is snoring and farting. I just downed a snack sized…

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What to do when you mess up.

What do you do when you mess up?   I’m writing this post as a response to my recent mess-up. I committed to writing a blog a day for the…

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Why change is good.

Why is change good? Changing up y;our workouts will keep you from reaching a plateau. Adding in something fun to your workouts can keep you coming back. Doing group exercise…

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How can I get motivated?

photo: David Bernie I have people ask me all the time — “How do you get motivated?”   Everyone is motivated by different things, and identifying what motivates you and…

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